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Schoolyard Safari

on October 15, 2014

This terms topic is another exciting SCIENCE unit called Schoolyard Safari.

This unit is all about exploring the creepy crawlies that can be found in the schoolyard. We have looked around and followed careful instructions to look after the creatures that are around us. Some students have even brought in different insects and spiders in containers with air holes or bug catchers in to the classroom so we can have a closer look.

1KH's Schoolyard Safari display!

1KH’s Schoolyard Safari display!

In week 1 we focussed on wiggly worms. 1KH learnt all about the different features a worm has, such as a mouth, tail and saddle and all about a worms digestive system which was very interesting!

1KH made worms that ate through an apple :)

1KH made worms that ate through an apple 🙂

This week we are studying ants so stay tuned for the exciting facts 1KH learn!

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